David Bond

David Bond: Wiggle Picasso Dancing with Satie

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Artist: David Bond

Artist: David Bond
Title: Wiggle Picasso Dancing with Satie

MODULAR DYNAMICS- Individual motifs, lines, and ideas existing as independent modules developing dynamically with each other to create free and evolving permutations. The permutations become polytonal, polyphonic, and polyrhythmic evolving into a larger module of independence and interdependence co-existing in an all inclusive sound field which shifts through improvised cylces that are impermanent. Visually this has been represented by Paul Klee's 'Twittering Machine'. Many artist explore these....David Bond, Dewey Redman, Sun Ra, Grateful Dead, Phish, Ornette Coleman, Frank Zappa, Anthony Braxton, etc.

1.1 The Wiggle
1.2 Silent Interlude
1.3 Lullaby
1.4 Picasso Dancing with Satie
1.5 Soft Fury
1.6 Deweys Beat - Dewey Redman
1.7 Key of Life - Dewey Redman

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