David Casey

David Casey: Best Day Ever

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Artist: David Casey

Artist: David Casey
Title: Best Day Ever

Some people around Helena, Montana, remember when David Casey, of the band Watercarvers Guild, worked as the ballpark organist for the Helena Brewers baseball team. Ever since the time David was almost fired from that job in High School for playing "Three Blind Mice" after an umpire's bad call, he says he has appreciated the influence of music. "I think I learned my lesson," says David. Now David Casey has written 13 hilarious new songs for his first children's CD "Best Day Ever". Ranging from ukulele-fused reggae to a ranting accordion-polka to a new African drum-circle greeting-game, this album introduces children to a wide array of different musical instruments and styles. David sings rollicking songs, tells offbeat stories, and closes the album with three beautiful lullabies. 'These are mostly songs I wrote to entertain my own children. These are songs to sing and play in car trips, or around fire, or to drive your family crazy until bedtime and then there are lullabies to sing each other to sleep.' David has written and recorded with Colin Meloy of the Decemberists, in Happy Cactus and recorded with Tarkio.

1.1 Rock and Roll Duck
1.2 Sanibonani
1.3 I Like to Golf
1.4 I Like Jell-O
1.5 Zyx
1.6 Someone Moved My Socks
1.7 My Teddy Bear
1.8 Gee
1.9 Asher the Brave
1.10 The Adventures of Crash Crater
1.11 La la
1.12 Pretty Soon
1.13 Today Tomorrow Yesterday

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