David Cosma

David Cosma: Hanging from Aldo

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Artist: David Cosma

Artist: David Cosma
Title: Hanging from Aldo

Recorded, produced and mixed by acclaimed producer Rob Feaster, Hanging from Aldo draws inspiration from all angles. From Tupelo to the Mersey, from bedsheets to honesty, from teenage brawls to bike crashes and many things in between. An album with elements of accordion, keyboard, percussion, creaking chairs and harmonies.

1.1 Sentimental Shoe
1.2 What You Just Said
1.3 Bryant Reserve
1.4 Up in the Clouds
1.5 Now It's Time
1.6 Out of Me
1.7 Falling Into Place
1.8 Ninety Days
1.9 Letter Home
1.10 Doesn't Really Matter
1.11 Take It As It Comes

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