David Courtney: Show Must Go on

David Courtney: Show Must Go on
Title: Show Must Go on
Label: Angel Air

David Courtney is an internationally acclaimed songwriter and record producer having over the past 35 years achieved platinum, gold and silver discs representing the millions of records he has sold worldwide as well as receiving ASCAP awards and a Grammy nomination. He discovered Leo Sayer in the early 70's and together they wrote the classics such as 'One Man Band' and 'Giving It All Away' for Roger Daltrey, he co-wrote 'The Show Must Go On', which started Leo's solo career as well as writing for 'Shooting Star' for Dollar. Now, for the first time, we hear the man himself performing his songs. Angel Air.

1.1 Slow Motion-The Rooftop Band
1.2 Tomorrow Is the First Day of Your Life-Superlungs
1.3 Shooting Star-David Courtney
1.4 Telepath-Superlungs
1.5 Giving It All Away-The Rooftop Band
1.6 Star Song-Adam Faith (With Paul ; Linda McCartney)
1.7 Easy Way Out-David Courtney
1.8 One Man Band-David Courtney
1.9 Talk Dirty-Shiva King
1.10 The Dancer-Superlungs
1.11 When Your Life Is Your Own-David Courtney (Featuring David Gilmour)
1.12 The Show Must Go On-David Courtney
1.13 Manon's Dream/In Your Life Adam Faith

David Courtney: Show Must Go on

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