David Darling

David Darling: Prayer for Compassion

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Artist: David Darling

Artist: David Darling
Title: Prayer for Compassion

*************** 2010 Grammy Winner for 'Best New Age Album' ***************** David Darling's unconventional, playful teaching style has helped open the world of music and improvisation to thousands of people. Darling is a classically trained cellist who began his career as an elementary and secondary school teacher and conductor of band and orchestra, specializing in cello and bass. He later taught music and served as orchestra conductor and faculty cellist at Western Kentucky University. In 1969 he joined the Grammy Award-winning Paul Winter Consort, an extraordinarily progressive band for it's time whose sound blended jazz with Brazilian, African, Indian and other world music&emdash; and at times even the voices of animals. During his eight-year stint as soloist, composer and vocalist with the Consort, Darling was immersed in ensemble and solo improvisation. Since he left the Consort in 1978, he has dedicated himself to a solo performing and recording career, and to teaching music and improvisation.

1.1 Untold Stories
1.2 Prayer for Compassion
1.3 Stones Start Spinning
1.4 As Long As Grasses Grow and Rivers Run
1.5 Music of a Desire
1.6 Remembering Our Mothers
1.7 Beautiful Life
1.8 War Is Outdated
1.9 September Morn
1.10 Shoestrings
1.11 Heaven Here on Earth
1.12 When We Forgive

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