David Duncavage

David Duncavage: Empty Bell

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Artist: David Duncavage

Artist: David Duncavage
Title: Empty Bell

'The nobel sound of David Duncavage's Shakuhachi at once sets the stage for that profound meditation in which visual reality is transformed back to it's essence. The voice of the Shakuhachi is trans-culturally apprehensible, recognizable as the voice of the human heart." -Frederick Franck, author of "The Zen of Seeing" and "To be Human Against all Odds" David Duncavage began his studies of the shakuhachi in Colorado in 1980. In 1984 he traveled to Japan to study shakuhachi under the renowned Shakuhachi Master Kurahashi Yoshio Sensei in Kyoto, Japan. Under Kurahashi Sensei, David studied classical honkyoku (zen meditation music) in the Kinko, Myoan, and Nezasaha, schools as well as studied "Hogaku", the classical ensemble repertoire with the shamisen and koto. In October 1989, David was awarded the "Shihan" (Master teaching license) for the shakuhachi from Kurahashi Sensei. In 1990 David returned to the US and opened Chikufu-an Shakuhachi Dojo where he teaches and makes the shakuhachi using traditional materials and methods acquired in Japan.

1.1 Kyorei
1.2 Jimbo Sanya
1.3 Hifumi Hachikaeshi
1.4 Ajikan
1.5 Kyochoshi
1.6 Nezasaha Shirabe
1.7 Sagariha
1.8 Chikugo Sashi

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