David Farner: DSF (Desif)

David Farner: DSF (Desif)
Title: DSF (Desif)
Label: CD Baby

MUSIC Ffor the most part this collection sounds like it could be a live performance. Nearly every song starts with either the piano or guitar and many of the vocals are simultaniously cut. We haven't used much more than a little reverb and a touch of sustain here and there. The first tracks are the tough ones since you have to make it to the end in one stretch. It's amazingly good practice too. If you're going to choke and have to start it over it's usually getting that first track. We normally add on the bass next, followed up by whatever we think is needed. It sure is nice to make it through a song and add another instrument in one take. The last instrument added is usually the drums, as the piece is starting to reveil it's true rythym. Then you adjust track volumes, use a little EQ and reduce it to a stereo signal. Thought it might be of interest. Let's start out with a little intro that a three piece could manage to float around for about 2'22. Then let's contemplate everything that has ever changed from what it was yesterday. A little pickin' in this one. Next, don't get me wrong, I love the blues, music that is, you know the music that makes you feel better when you have the blues. This just says that the blues (feeling) can be a drag, and when you get them you'll should listen to some Blues music and remember that there's aways hope and feel better. Then there's that brown eyed and brown haired girl I ended up marrying who inspired this slightly country,love song. Then hang on for a little ride, or kick back and enjoy some really nice betta. Wooh, now slow it down and enjoy a piano piece and nostalgize for almost six minutes. Try this smooth guitar piano love song. The next piece is a rockin' piece about as naughty as this musician will ever write, unless it's an allusion. It's been documented that a little lovin' is good for you, however. No complete lyrics for the next one. It might be a good one for if you feel like a little nap. I think you might be able to figure out what the refrain would be and where. If you like harmonica there's some in this one. The next tune reminds me of a hit Chris Isaac had a few years ago. Guitar drivin' with some nice piano fills. The next piece is as close as I have come to having a classical guitar piece. Mix a little clean electric and an accoustic guitar, throw in some double guitar leads and hope it isn't too busy. Next a simple piano love song piece, some have said that this one has a bit of a Lennon touch to it. Then one of the few efforts where the drum was first, nice straight beat, add a drivin' rythym and some floating piano, hold a solid bottom and then add vocals. Then speaking of Lennon, this next number is a tribute to some of his attitudes and quirks. This next piece makes me think of anywhere outside, anywhere in the world where you can enjoy the beauty all around you. Blue skies and sunshine required. Unless your not into that sort of thing. The next piece is a kind of a jazzy thing, lots of guitar solo, rthym guitar and piano keep this one on course. The last number is just what it's named. ARTIST Got interested in music because my grandfather was an organist all of his life and because my parents always encouraged me to pursue any of the arts that I might be interested in. I started out with the clarinet and then the sax by high school. After high school I bought my first guitar and learned a few chords. I had alot of friends who played and we'd get together and they were kind enough to teach me a few things. Had a band for a time but it wasn't long and I got married and had three kids. That turned my music into a hobby for the next twenty some years. I love to write music and am fortunate that now that the kids are on there own, and my needs have changed, I can spend lots of time chasing the dream,to make as a writer. This album is the best of the first collection of songs to be recorded in my digital studio. There were 28 to choose from, the rest will have to be started anew at some time. This CD has a little of several styles and a large portion of instrumentals. It's especialy good for when your getting together with friends and want some music going on.

1.1 2:22
1.2 It's Not the Same
1.3 Another Try
1.4 Brown Eyes
1.5 Grateful Jam
1.6 Remember When
1.7 All I Can Do
1.8 Gotta Have Some Lovin'
1.9 Nodinodi I U
1.10 Someone Out There
1.11 Spanish Fying
1.12 Sonamit
1.13 The Way I Feel
1.14 So Simple
1.15 Along the Way
1.16 Wind, Clouds, Waves
1.17 Flaire
1.18 Flying Jam

David Farner: DSF (Desif)

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