David Gilchrist

David Gilchrist: Heartwood Dagger

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Product Type: CD
Artist: David Gilchrist

Artist: David Gilchrist
Title: Heartwood Dagger

1.1 The Passing of the Dagger
1.2 Main Theme (Overture)
1.3 Opening Scene (Who's There?)
1.4 William Plays War
1.5 William Receives the Dagger
1.6 Demo for the Dagger
1.7 A Quiet Barbecue
1.8 A War Story for William
1.9 A Prayer for Help
1.10 Grandpa Explains the Dagger
1.11 First Chess Battle
1.12 Fixing a Tin Man
1.13 William Runs Away
1.14 William Confronts Hernkle
1.15 A Father and Son Forever
1.16 Second Chess Battle

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