David Giner Hidebrand 7

David Giner Hidebrand 7: Over the Hills & Far Away: Being a Collection of M

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Title: Over the Hills & Far Away: Being a Collection of M
Label: CD Baby

David and Ginger Hildebrand present concerts and educational programs throughout the United States for museums, historical societies and sites, as well as at universities for graduate and undergraduate students. They appear frequently at Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon. Their music is featured on several recent movies and television, such as the PBS series 'Liberty!' and C-SPAN's 'American Presidents.' David & Ginger's recordings feature vocal and instrumental music on period and reproduction 18th-century instruments. Like 'George Washington: Music for the First President' and 'Music of the Charles Carroll Family,' this CD includes pieces from each of these categories: theater music, dance tunes, topical or patriotic songs, whimsical and/or drinking songs, and chamber music. These selections bring America's music heritage to life with beauty and accuracy.

1.1 The Birks of Endermay
1.2 The Last Time I Came O'er the Moor
1.3 Ianthe the Lovely
1.4 Corn Riggs
1.5 A Rose Tree
1.6 Tho' Late I Was Plump
1.7 If the Heart of a Man
1.8 Since Laws Were Made
1.9 Over the Hills and Far Away
1.10 Club March Against Sir Hugh McCarty
1.11 She Tells Me with Claret
1.12 See, See My Boys
1.13 Annapolis March
1.14 As I Was Going to Baltimore
1.15 New Bath Minuet
1.16 Handsome Cabin Boy
1.17 Planxty Fanny Power/Oyle of Barley
1.18 Tobacco
1.19 Morgan Megan
1.20 Psalms 42 ; 92

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