David Jones: From England's Shore

David Jones: From England&
Title: From England's Shore
Label: CD Baby

David, originally from England and now living in Leonia, New Jersey, has a large repertoire of folksong from both sides of the Atlantic. He has performed in North America, Britain, Australia and Europe, singing at festivals, concert halls, clubs, maritime museums and colleges. He presents songs from the great days of sail, Music Hall favorites, traditional ballads and the works of contemporary writers. David involves his audience in refrains and choruses ranging from boisterous to sentimental. As well as singing solo, David has sung with many groups and his work with the guitarist, Bill Shute led to the award winning 'Widdecombe Fair', available on 'CD Baby' via the Dan Zanes record company, 'Festival Five Records'. 'From England's Shore' has had fine reviews from 'Sing Out', 'Dirty Linen' and other music publications and has been played on many radio stations across the USA. It has strong maritime representation and combines traditional song with the works of writers like Gordon Bok and Peter Bellamy, and includes a couple of Music Hall songs. I.e. 'Henry VIII', with all the verses. On this CD, Bill Shute plays guitar and banjo, Jerry Epstein plays piano, and Tom Gibney and Heather Wood sing harmony.

1.1 Jim Jones in Botany Bay
1.2 All My Sailors
1.3 Normandy Orchards
1.4 The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
1.5 Poor Fellows
1.6 Just As the Tide Was a Flowin'
1.7 Young Edwin in the Lowlands
1.8 Spring Song
1.9 Treat Me Daughter Decent
1.10 We Have Fed Our Sea
1.11 Bogie's Bonny Belle
1.12 The Glendy Burk
1.13 The Flying Cloud
1.14 Cape Ann
1.15 Henry VIII

David Jones: From England's Shore

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