David Kelly

David Kelly: Drama

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Product Type: CD
Artist: David Kelly

Artist: David Kelly
Title: Drama

COMPLETE AND TOTAL PIANO MADNESS & KEYBOARD MAYHEM, ENJOY The Ultimate Piano Keyboard Experience! Drama will take you on a 15 track instrumental roller piano coaster ride of soothing musical passages and hauntingly orchestrated piano melodies that will invite you into an exhilarating musical dreamscape. Allow yourself to embark upon one of the most emotionally driven' instrumental piano journeys of a lifetime leaving you musically intoxicated by relaxing your mind and exciting your senses. Caution! It has been said that if you are listening to track #12 (Breathe) while having intimate encounters with your significant other, it may intensely enhance your sensual experience by relaxing your mind and exciting your senses. So climb aboard, take a seat, or stand if you like, close your eyes, breathe slowly, relax and prepare yourself for the piano roller coaster ride that will take you beyond your wildest musical imagination. Enjoy the Ride!

1.1 Drama
1.2 Secrets
1.3 Fairy Tale
1.4 Believe
1.5 Day Dream
1.6 Awakening
1.7 I Remember
1.8 Nobody's There
1.9 Sometimes, Always
1.10 Open Mind
1.11 Seasons
1.12 Breathe
1.13 Lost at C
1.14 Psych
1.15 Confusion

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