David Kisor

David Kisor: Everyone Is Someone: Songs of Social Emotional Res

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Artist: David Kisor

Artist: David Kisor
Title: Everyone Is Someone: Songs of Social Emotional Res

BULLYING PREVENTION THROUGH MUSIC Just as children are inoculated in their early years against later illness, so too does the development of early social and emotional skills provide a "vaccine" against later behavioral problems such as bullying. This CD for school-age children support teachers' and parents' efforts to give children the necessary skills to later become a good friend, student, spouse, parent and citizen. EVERYONE IS SOMEONE features contemporary pop/rock musical styles, and engages children in prosocial skills such as Acceptance, Friendship, Teamwork, Empathy and Responsibility. Compelling songs challenge older children to not only take responsibility for their own actions, but to also "own" the outcomes of their social world. Children become aware that they are either the obstacle to or the solution for making their world a place of peace and love. Stand out tracks include 'What If Everyone Did It Too' and 'Take The Bull Out Of Bullying'. Songs on EVERYONE IS SOMEONE were composed by award-winning children's songwriter, David Kisor, and feature a variety of guest vocalists as well.

1.1 The Whole World's Watching
1.2 A.F.T.E.R
1.3 I Have a Will
1.4 What If Everyone Did It Too?
1.5 I Want to Know
1.6 Everyone Is Someone
1.7 No Room for Hate
1.8 Strangers and Friends
1.9 Response Ability
1.10 Living in My Own Skin
1.11 I Make the Difference
1.12 Take the Bull Out of Bullying
1.13 Forever

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