David Kisor

David Kisor: Here Now Know-How

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Artist: David Kisor

Artist: David Kisor
Title: Here Now Know-How

Do you have the Here, Now, Know-How? What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is defined as open-minded, non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness of body, mind, emotions and others. These songs promote mindfulness in several ways. First they guide children's self-talk to positive affirmations about themselves, others and the world. Secondly, they give children the experience of control over their sensations, thoughts and feelings. And thirdly, they help children deal with negative feelings and experiences. Developing mindfulness helps a child control their reactions to stress, develop concentration and memory and be ready to respond optimally to learning opportunities. Check out this wonderful collection of songs and prepare your child (ren) for a life of engagement, enjoyment and meaning.

1.1 Here, Now Know-How
1.2 Living Free
1.3 Chirp, Tweedle and Coo
1.4 I Stay Peaceful and Calm
1.5 Get It Off
1.6 Be
1.7 Fur Elise (The Dancing Song)
1.8 Wide Open
1.9 Smell the Flower, Blow the Candle Out
1.10 Watch, Listen, Feel
1.11 Time Is the Present
1.12 Honor
1.13 Miriam

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