David Kusevitsky: Cantorials

David Kusevitsky: Cantorials
Title: Cantorials
Label: Folkways Records

Renowned cantor David Kusevitsky sings Sabbath and High Holiday liturgical music on these five tracks, with organ accompaniment. He began his long career as a member of the synagogue choir in Vilna and Kovno; he later studied voice production in Warsaw, and he served as a cantor in London during World War II. From 1948 to the time of his death, he was cantor at Temple Emanu-El in Brooklyn, New York. Liner notes include copies of texts in Hebrew and English.

1.1 L'eil Boruch (Sabbath)
1.2 Zar'o Chayo Vekayomo (Sabbath)
1.3 Ashrei (High Holiday)
1.4 Shehecheyonu (Holiday)
1.5 Oz B'koil

David Kusevitsky: Cantorials

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