David Mahoney

David Mahoney: David Mahoney Gathering

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Artist: David Mahoney

Artist: David Mahoney
Title: David Mahoney Gathering

No boundaries. No limits. A challenging variety. Imagine a group of musicians with nothing to hold them back. Conceptualize the sounds of musical freedom. The David Mahoney Gathering has taken music to a whole new level. The Gathering is not here to play music that is safe. They are here to play in the moment. They are here to bring their audience a new, innovative, and ever changing approach to music. 'David Mahoney is a musician on the quest of exploring and presenting the many facets of jazz. He's a drummer who knows the role of the drums in a jazz band in the traditional sense, but is sensitive to the colors and textures he can get out of his instrument that makes for interesting listening.' -Tim Green.

1.1 Climb - David Mahoney, Mahoney, David
1.2 Nothing But You - David Mahoney, Mahoney, David
1.3 Ghost - David Mahoney, Brewer, John
1.4 Mystic Lights - David Mahoney, Brewer, John
1.5 Doxy - David Mahoney, Roland, Sonny
1.6 Four - David Mahoney, Davis, Miles
1.7 Round Midnight - David Mahoney, Monk, Thelonious
1.8 Giant Steps - David Mahoney, Coltrane, John

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