David Maxwell

David Maxwell: Blues in Other Colors

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Artist: David Maxwell

Artist: David Maxwell
Title: Blues in Other Colors

David Maxwell 'Blues In Other Colors' JUST IN!...Stunning Reviews are coming in daily..check out what the critics are saying here. "..a very well composed and soothing recording ." by Bman BMANS Blues report "Maxwell continues to flash the creative side of his Grammy winning ways ... A wonderful out of the ordinary musical experience that kicks dead musical taste buds in the pants and wakes them up." - Midwest Review "David Maxwell and this brilliant corps of World musicians have put a new spin on the blues with "Blues In Other Colors...they bring the power of this music to life, taking the blues on a literal trip "around the world!... This one further solidifies David's diversity and reputation as one of the finest blues pianists on the scene today" by Don & Sheryl's BLUES BLOG "...I was now helpless, hooked. Blues in other Colors, as I listened, was becoming one of those rare beasts tried out in the 70s by Emil Richards and others, but becoming sooooo much more masterful now....In short, Blues in other Colors is a horse of a different palette, a rainbow erupting right in front of your face, dazzling one and all with an exotic range of hues that can't help but mesmerize." By Mark Tucker Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange "The journey David Maxwell takes us on is a bluesy, South Asian, Mid-East destination, and it is an exhilarating listening experience... there may be no tighter keyboard player than the incredibly versatile David Maxwell. He plays with an intensity that is only matched by the featured musicians who surround him on this album's iridescent shades of the blues." By Greg Victor Parchbench.com "..blues pianist David Maxwell has arguably hit his high note with his inspired new release, the all-instrumental Blues In Other Colors." By David McGee Deep Roots Album of the Week "Blues In Other Colors is a blues cruise around the world that I highly recommend." by John The Rock Doctor Kereiff Gonzoonline.ca " ..'Movin' On,' 'Blue Dream,' and 'Big Sky' are typical of the album as the combination of foreign percussion, an American double bass, and mohan vina, which can best be described as a fusion of a guitar and sitar, integrated into a wonderful mix of sound. When they combine with a pianist of Maxwell's statue, the result is both unusual and interesting...If you like the blues and are in the mood for something different, then this is an album for you." By David Bowling, BLOGCRITICS.ORG "David Maxwell is one of the premier blues pianists of his generation, and on this release he follows musical giants like Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal in producing a set that effectively melds traditional blues with the roots music of India, Morocco, West Africa, Turkey and Spain...."Just The Blues" is exactly that as Maxwell demonstrates just why he is held in such high respect" by Mick Rainsford BLUES IN BRITAIN "On this eclectic and fascinating disc, he fuses blues and world music styles in convincing fashion....All 13 instrumental numbers are original, proving that Maxwell is an imaginative composer as well. The absence of vocals allows the listener to create their own film to accompany these vivid soundscapes." By Kerry Doole Exclaim Magazine "Mr. Maxwell sets the tone with some crisp and pleasing piano work and then joined by a United Nation of musicians and instruments .. create an aural painting that any museum would be proud to hang on their walls. Just beautiful, and familiar in an uncanny way. Get it for yourself, get it for a Jazz loving friend, for a younger person who is digging Bollywood music - I don't care who or why - just get it." By Chief Jimi Blues411 "Maxwell's latest release, Blues in Other Colors (Shining Stone Records), is probably his most ambitious yet... Maxwell and he expertly mixes his traditional blues piano playing (with an occasional venture into jazz territory) with these unique instruments... with Maxwell and the excellent rhythm section, the blues is still very present on these tracks, fading to the background one minute, then emerging to the forefront the next. It all fits together seamlessly." By Graham Clarke " PHOENIX BLUES SOCIETY - BLUESBYTES "Sitting in an unusual juxtaposition of jazz-blues and improvisation it is hard to pigeonhole David Maxwell's album as anything but an enlightening journey....It's a revealing journey and an interesting exploration of non-western instruments...The whole set is definitely worth a visit and is quite reverential to our mutual heritage."By Gareth Hayes Blues Matters 'Blues In Other Colors' contains 13 tunes. David Maxwell's hybrid Indian/Near Eastern/blues inflected piano style is front and center. A couple of pieces are straight out traditional blues with guitarist Troy Gonyea. Harry Manx, who plays mohan vina and guitar is central to the 'Indian' feel of this album. Also featured are Boujemaa Razgui, from Morocco, who plays oud and raita (an oboe-like wind instrument) and Fred Stubbs, who lends the Turkish ney (flute) to a couple of tunes. Master percussionist Jerry Leake adds Indian tablas and other touches and is featured playing the balafon (W. African xylophone) on one number. Great jazz musicians Marty Ballou (bass) and Eric Rosenthal (drums) round out the crew of central players.

1.1 Movin' on
1.2 Blue Dream
1.3 Interlude a
1.4 Big Sky
1.5 Cryin' the Blues
1.6 Heart of Darkness
1.7 Interlude B
1.8 "Harry's Raga" (Raga Nat Bharlav)
1.9 Chillin' in Casa
1.10 Rollin' on
1.11 Mombai Blues
1.12 Just the Blues
1.13 Last Cry/Sigh

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