The David McWilliams Quintet: The Days Of David McWilliams

David McWilliams: The Days Of David McWilliams
Title: The Days Of David McWilliams
Label: RPM Records UK

UK repressing of this 2001 collection. David McWilliams was an Irish Folk Rock artist who, in 1967, released three albums of his own material on the Major Minor label. An amazing period of productivity matched by the amazing consistency of quality throughout all the material he wrote and recorded. Musically he backed himself on six and 12 string guitar with further arrangements and orchestration provided by the then wunderkind producer Mike Leander. The combination of McWilliams heartfelt lyrics and songstyle with Leander's evocative arrangements of the simple melodies still sound bewitching today. RPM.

1.1 Days of Pearly Spencer
1.2 For Josephine
1.3 Brown Eyed Girl
1.4 Marlena for a Little Girl
1.5 For a Little Girl
1.6 Lady Helen of the Laughing Eyes
1.7 What's the Matter with You
1.8 There's No Lock Upon My Door
1.9 Tomorrows Like Today
1.10 Mister Satisfied
1.11 I Love Susie in the Summer
1.12 Harlem Lady
1.13 Letter to My Love
1.14 City Blues
1.15 Three O'Clock Framingo Street
1.16 Redundancy Blues
1.17 Huroshima
1.18 Question of Indentity
1.19 Time of Trouble
1.20 And I'm Free
1.21 In the Early Hours of the Morning
1.22 Born to Ramble

The David McWilliams Quintet: The Days Of David McWilliams

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