David Parkhurst Crane: Gently

David Parkhurst Crane: Gently
Title: Gently
Label: CD Baby

How does one write a bio that people find interesting? I've heard it's better to share just one experience than list several. So let me give you what I consider one of the turning points of my musical path to date. It's about what happened in a dream. In the dream a radio was playing the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. It was so moving it held me in awe and exhilaration. It literally turned my head around to hear it! When I awoke, the melody was completely gone, yet the euphoric feeling remained; and though I tried to remember even the smallest part, I couldn't. Soon, I was grateful for hearing it at all. A few moments later came a realization that changed my musical path. I was trying to remember what I'd heard by going over the details of the dream, when I realized the radio, like everything in the dream, was manufactured by my mind. And here was the turning point -- because the radio was a product of my mind, the music must have been too. How it got there was far less important at the moment than that it was there at all! Because of that experience, I began experimenting with more orchestration. I now accept the music as it comes in without editing it and remain truly grateful. As you listen to samples here, be sure to check out Autumn's Glory, (it\'s being considered for a Grammy) and Today Tomorrow and Always from the CD titled Timely... or from the CD titled Gently... listen to Clouds. Happy listening!

1.1 Quiattitude
1.2 Bells
1.3 Welcome Home
1.4 Gently
1.5 Yairi's Gift
1.6 Playroom
1.7 Bachstroke
1.8 The Challenge
1.9 Greener Grass
1.10 Decisions
1.11 Windsong
1.12 Reflection
1.13 Lullaby
1.14 Farewell
1.15 Clouds

David Parkhurst Crane: Gently

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