David Pedroza

David Pedroza: Call Me Crazy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: David Pedroza

Title: Call Me Crazy
Label: CD Baby

1995 RE-ISSUE CD NO SACRAFICE IS TOO GREAT FOR ART. I recorded this album with my band at the time called Supernaturals feturing Jack Rivera, Mark Dutton and Corey Gash. We recorded it with cool old vintage equipment at the Hollywood hills house of Keith Fisher who then released it on his label Spun Records back in 1995. The band had broke up before we finshed the recordings, so since i did all the song writing, me and Keith released it as my solo CD. The front cover photo is kinda silly but after all, I was living in Hollywood at the time. MUSIC IS MY LIFE AND MY WIFE. My first gig was at the talent show in jr. high school. Since then I have been hooked. I love playing music and writing songs, it's in my blood. My dad was a drummer and keyboard player during the sixties. He played cover gigs on weekends while raising our family, so it was only natural to get his kids involved with learning instruments. Since I was a toddler, I was hanging around band practice of my 3 older brothers. I have shared the stage with artists including Ian Hunter-Mick Ronson, The Violent Femmes, Johnny Thunders and Husker Du.

1.1 Swallow Your Pride
1.2 Wiz-Kid Savior
1.3 Virgin Mary
1.4 Slow Dive
1.5 Hanging on
1.6 The Way to Your Heart
1.7 Our Lady of Refuge
1.8 Strawberry Strut
1.9 Earth to Stella
1.10 Call Me Crazy

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