David Polansky: 32 Familiar Kid Songs

David Polansky: 32 Familiar Kid Songs
Title: 32 Familiar Kid Songs
Label: CD Baby

David S. Polansky had to drag his kids out of bed so they wouldn't miss the school bus.....wrote a song about it....was sensitive to the junk food crisis....wrote a song about it......was challenged to write an upbeat, funny song about breast cancer ????? Voila!!! The infamous 'Get A Mammogram Tango. David began trumpet lessons in fourth grade and really took to it. With sensational performances at school recitals, David was soon known throughout town as the 'musical prodigy,' a label he wore proudly. He began 'gigging' in junior high school and never stopped. David worked his way through college playing trumpet. After he married, David went back to school to get a music degree. David's music is frequently humorous, sometimes serious, and always clever and engaging. A talented songwriter, David has received prizes and commissions for his works, which run the gamut from children's songs about animals, junk food, ecology, and conflict resolution to adult songs about mammograms. David's lyrics deal with diverse aspects of human (and sometimes animal) nature to which people of all ages easily relate - his fans range from preschoolers to grandparents David visits schools, libraries, and concert halls nationwide. Because of his popular animal songs, he frequently is asked to perform at zoos and natural history museums. As part of the show, David always finds a way to involve his audience. Depending on the ages he's playing to, the audience may be asked to sing, dance, answer questions or do some on-the-spot lyric-writing. His ability to gauge his audience and engage them makes his concerts particularly fun and educational. In addition to a busy schedule presenting children's concerts, David works as a freelance trumpet player. Because of his ability to perform everything from classical to Dixieland to church music, David is much in demand.

1.1 Good Morning
1.2 Three Little Monkeys
1.3 I Can Bow
1.4 Butterfly
1.5 Robin's Nest
1.6 ABC
1.7 Stegosaurus
1.8 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
1.9 I'm Getting Older
1.10 Muffin Song
1.11 Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
1.12 Itsy Bitsy Spider (I)
1.13 Itsy Bitsy Spider (II)
1.14 Itsy Bitsy Spider (III)
1.15 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
1.16 Sidewalks of New York
1.17 Spider on the Floor
1.18 Sing a Song of Six Pence
1.19 Three Green Speckled Frogs
1.20 Bicycle Built for Two
1.21 Hurry, Ride the Firetruck
1.22 I'm a Little Teapot
1.23 Peanut Butter and Jelly
1.24 Frere Jacques
1.25 You Are My Sunshine
1.26 Polly Put the Kettle on
1.27 Aiken Drum
1.28 I Had a Rooster
1.29 Oh Susannah
1.30 Michael Finnegan
1.31 Boom Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy
1.32 Chopsticks

David Polansky: 32 Familiar Kid Songs

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