David Ralston: Woman That Loves Me

David Ralston: Woman That Loves Me
Title: Woman That Loves Me
Label: CD Baby

Produced by Thom Hiller this album is by far the most intense recording of David Ralston's career. Nostalgic memories of nascent rock n' roll and a three ring circus come to focus in the release of David Ralston's latest CD, A Woman That Loves Me. Ralston has been hard at work since his last Stripes Okinawa biopic and the result is a progressive throwback to classic roots rock and blues. Cultivating his connections with stateside musicians and producers, Ralston continues to work with protégés of blues legend Duke Robillard and for this effort teamed with producer and Grammy nominated recording engineer Thom Hiller. The result is an album which has a distinctively edgier sound influenced by Ralston's own pedigree as a fan of the Rolling Stones, but also incorporates more pop oriented flavors influenced by Hiller's Beatles persuasions. When asked about his vision for new CD Ralston replied, "I wanted it to be like the stuff we listened to as kids." To that end Ralston likely achieved his goal. The title track, A Woman That Loves Me, jumps out with a buzz saw killer guitar ensemble that smacks of Jeff Beck's tone and Muddy Waters' soul. The mood swiftly shifts from the bluesy pop sensibilities of track 2's Can't Say Goodbye to track three's reflective Other Side of the Tracks with it's classic R&B Hammond organ and Ralston's signature acoustic slide, then right back to some hard hammering Gary Moore style blues with Open Up the Door to Love. Ralston's venture into a more modern pop sound and possibly Hiller's influence is evident on track 5's Hold On, with it's opening riff and synth based hook. Track 6 Pour Down Like Rain provides an acoustic breather as the CD moves into more adult themed rock and blues tracks such as Fade, Still Want To Try, and I Love You Anyway. Probably the CD's most interesting track is Blues For Me, which likely earned this production it's Parental Advisory Explicit Content label and fair warning; don't play this one in the car with the kids. Ralston ends the collection with his signature live show signoff of gospel oriented blues a la Coming Home, and Take Me Home. If you are already a fan of David Ralston this CD will not disappoint. If you are just looking for some new music that rocks the blues and brings back some old memories then A Woman Loves That Loves Me will fill that void. (Rick Tollini 2010 Stars & Stripes)

1.1 A Woman That Loves Me
1.2 Can't Say Goodbye
1.3 Other Side of the Tracks
1.4 Open Up the Door to Love
1.5 Hold on
1.6 Pour Down Like Rain
1.7 Fade
1.8 Still Want to Try
1.9 I Love You Anyway
1.10 Blues for Me
1.11 Coming Home
1.12 Take Me Home

David Ralston: Woman That Loves Me

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