David Rapaport

David Rapaport: Friendship

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Product Type: CD
Artist: David Rapaport

Title: Friendship
Label: CD Baby

Some time ago, about 25 years to be exact, I was in a band hailing out of Santa Cruz, CA. called JJ-180, named after a drug in a book by Philip K. Dick. We were the town's first New Wave band, and ventured up the coast to play incredible venues in San Francisco like the Deaf Club, Mabuhay, Temple Beautiful, and the Savoy Tivoli. We played all over Santa Cruz, eventually putting on shows at the local UC campus, where I was attending school. We had great punk and new wave bands come to UCSC including: John Cale, Leila and the Snakes, The Avengers, The Mutants, The Dils, Seizure, and many more. That experience helped us as we promoted a single which was done before I joined the band, and a subsequent EP called BUY OR BEWARE which coincided with the band changing it's name to The Realtors. Big Mistake!! We were sued by the National Association of Realtors, who woke us up one day and told us they were going to confiscate our records etc. Little did they know that by doing that they made these little EPs suddenly very valuable. I recently saw one on the internet for $25. Thanks REALTORS!! We survived the suit, but basically fell apart shortly after with the four of us going our separate ways. Two of the original band members and I kept in touch. One is getting a degree in Pest Management and the other is a recording engineer who helped me with this solo project in 2002. It's the second such project I've created, the other being a cassette released in 1990 called 'Our Better Relationship' (Raku 001)... I have some strong feelings about vinyl; I can't even play this CD in my own house, except on my computer. I don't own any other CDs, which says something about me. This release was done mostly as a solo project, the only exceptions being where Wally Sound joins me for the occasional bass or vocal track. The fat 2' tape used in some of these multi-track songs defines the sound...analog all the way...and in places, I decided that the best sound could be achieved with 1/8' 4 track tape A 'less is more' approach was necessary for this project to come together. The central vision for this music and much of the principles of recording it was to do it as much with first takes. 'Mixed Up Shook Up Girl' is recorded direct to master, all first takes, no stops. That means that each track was played once, when it was recorded, then played--with each subsequent track built upon the last with the final track being an unedited 'live' mix entirely done of first take performances. The CD contains 9 originals and 4 covers, by Willy DeVille, John Cale, Charlie Rich, and Roxy Music. Some songs appear more than once with different treatments applied to each. It's dedicated to Friendship, and without the help of friends Wes Jenkins, Kyle Bogertman, Wally Sound, Lenny Lyons, Jennifer Hughes, KC Murphy, Cheese, Paul Lanier, Jamin Zegart, Claire Smith, Ron Tarrel, Tora Brooks, Grazia Caroselli, Wes Rapaport, Kenny Rapaport, and Andrea Chase, this would not have been possible.

1.1 Friendship
1.2 Love Me Madly
1.3 Little Bit Left
1.4 Differently
1.5 Keeping the Door Ajar
1.6 Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
1.7 Keeping the Door Ajar (2002)
1.8 Just a Little More Time
1.9 Grazia Admired
1.10 Buffalo Ballet
1.11 Differently (Vocal)
1.12 Arizona
1.13 The Nate State

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