David Sharpe: All the Things You Dream

David Sharpe: All the Things You Dream
Title: All the Things You Dream
Label: CD Baby

David Sharpe is a children's musician and songwriter whose vision it is to create music for children that is interactive, educational, upbeat, silly and fun, and music that allows children to learn about life experiences and the world around them. The name given to David Sharpe by his fans is 'PapaHugs'. You can see him performing with his band called 'David Sharpe and The Papahugs Band'. Also at his shows are the 'PapaHugs Playtime Characters'; Wonder From Down Under, Robbie the Robot, Scary bug, Fitness the Frog, and Stinky Beetle. David Sharpe has recorded two CDs availble at CDBaby: The first is 'All The Things You Dream' and his newest CD 'A Great Day For You and Me'. These CDs contain all original PapaHugs music, most of which is performed at PapaHugs concerts. The music is enhanced with the great Papahugs Band and the sounds of Blues, Rock and Roll, and Country. It is great not only for the children, but adults can enjoy the music as well. David Sharpe has been influenced by great musicians such as John Denver, Jimmy Buffet, and Eric Clapton. He has been called 'The Jimmy Buffet for Kids'

1.1 Explain These Things to Me
1.2 I Want An Ice Cream Cone
1.3 This Is How We Play
1.4 Papahugs
1.5 Jumping Up
1.6 Loose Tooth
1.7 These Are the Animals I Know
1.8 Critters in the Desert
1.9 Let's Play Tennis
1.10 I Want to Be a Robot
1.11 Lemonade Stand
1.12 Where Does the Sun Go?
1.13 Papa's Train
1.14 Real Pirate
1.15 Nighttime

David Sharpe: All the Things You Dream

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