David Wells: Cowboys & Ladies

David Wells: Cowboys & Ladies
Title: Cowboys & Ladies
Label: CD Baby

They don't make albums like this anymore. It's just too expensive. It's like you're sitting in on a songwriter's studio demo. You get the pop and hiss of an original master. All the tunes are written and performed by David Wells (except one, sung by guest vocalist, Marsha Graham). The album was produced by the one an only, Allen Waterous. And some of the best country studio artists in the business contributed instrumentation. The background vocals alone are haunting and perfect. Only a few hundred of these albums were ever pressed. The CD is also in limited quantity and being sold quickly. If you want one, please hurry and order through cdbaby. The albums were pressed on symphonic quality vinyl by Leo DeGarKulka (RIP) at Sonic Arts in SanFrancisco. This is the man who pressed Janis, GDead, Credence, JimmyH...all the famous 60's bands. He was a legend. The Hi-def Digital CD transfer is absolutely phenomenal. All A&R interest in the material (for publication or performance) on this CD should be directed to David Wells through cdbaby.

1.1 Cowboys ; Ladies
1.2 Stony Top
1.3 One More Lousy Sunset in Paradise
1.4 Patiently
1.5 Seedy Juanita's Rowdy Yahoo
1.6 Mustang Woman
1.7 Hide Your Heart
1.8 Rainbow Rain
1.9 Just a Cowboy at Heart
1.10 I'll Take Texas

David Wells: Cowboys & Ladies

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