Dawg: Play Book

Dawg: Play Book
Title: Play Book
Label: CD Baby

I started rapping at the age 15, signed my first contract to a local company in New Orleans L.A . called Trippel Trey Records. The album I release under the label was called. (Bouncing on them ho's) and my rap name was. K.O.B. What stood for (King Of Bounce). The albubm sold 2,000 units in the first week. Under the vision of D.red I started my own company .(DiamondKeyProduction). With Melvin Smith a,k.a. (C.E.O.Big Mel). With hard work and self promotion earned spots opening for Artist such as. Dank from (Money Hungery Records)(Choppa style) who was with NOlLIMT Records at that time. Also (B.G) from (Choppa City Records).R.I.P.Slim we miss you. Also with Camp.J. From (Camp.J.ENT). To all my fan,s/Diamondkey fan,s Dawg love ya. In my new beging Dawg is goging to bite back hard. P.S. To all the lost souls from New Orleans L.A. Because of the strom keep your heads up stay strong every thing is goging to be all right y'all allready no it's gone take more than that shit to stop us Big Dawg N.O.L.A. Boy for life. In 1991, I was with a group called (E.W.V). Eight Ward Villiens my rap name was.(K.O.B). The other to members name was LiL daddy & Midnight. In 1994,. I release a album with LiL Dank Tittle The Downtown Boys. Under (Money Hungery Records). Music producers that I work with over the years. C.phunk/Tworkshop.D.K./Dkproductions./.Felton/Small World./.J.M.K.K.L.J/Sound Wave Music.Boss Man/bossklic E.N.T.C.Dub/snapshot E.N.T. (DIAMONDKEYPRODUCTIONS). Is ran by Glenn Moore aka (Dawg) and Melvin Smith aka (Big Mel). D.K.P. Is a local company from New Orleans L.a. That was started on March 3, 1996. In 2004 (D.K.P). Became a L.L.C. Company. Also in 2004 we became Members with ASCAP. P.S. Diamond Key Productions heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

1.1 Intro (Produce By C. Phunk- Tworkshop)
1.2 Set Off (Produce By No Mercey Records)
1.3 Tip Something (Produce By Tworkshop E.N.T.)
1.4 Let's Start Some Sh#$(Feat. Rick;54)Produce By K. L. J. )
1.5 Good Times Bad (Produce By Dkproductions)
1.6 Uptown, Downtown (Feat, Rick, Money, ;54)
1.7 Roll Back (Feat.54;Evaclear) Produce By Dkproductions
1.8 Tear It Down (Feat. Num Skull Lugaru)
1.9 Tell Me (Feat.54)(Produce By L-Green)
1.10 Shake the Hatters (Produce By D.K. ;J.M.K.)
1.11 Feeling You (Produce By Twork Shop)
1.12 You Don't None (Feat. Rick, Money, ;54) Produce By Twork Shop)
1.13 Tip Something Remix (Feat.54; Rick) Produce By Tworkshop)
1.14 Her Seleck Bonus Track Feat. Rick (Produce By Tworkshop)
1.15 Who Can You Trust (Feat. C. Phunk) Produce By Tworkshop)
1.16 Can't Stop Feat.C.E.O. Big Mel) Produce By K.L.J

Dawg: Play Book

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