A Day to Remember: Common Courtesy

Day to Remember: Common Courtesy
Title: Common Courtesy
Label: Adtr Records

The brand new a Day to Remember album, COMMON COURTESY, will be available via a direct partnership with INgrooves on November 25th! This is their first album in three years, following their highly successful 2010 release, WHAT SEPARATES ME FROM YOU, which has scanned 325K RTD! Previously signed to Victory Records, ADTR has sold over a million records in the US since their 2005 debut. Arguably, the band is at an all-time peak in popularity right now, with nearly 4.3 million Facebook likes and 588K followers on Twitter. Furthermore, they have over 250K followers on Spotify, a staggering number for any genre.

1.1 City of Ocala
1.2 Right Back at It Again
1.3 Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail
1.4 Dead ; Buried
1.5 Best of Me
1.6 I'm Already Gone
1.7 Violence (Enough Is Enough)
1.8 Life @ 11
1.9 I Surrender
1.10 Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way
1.11 End of Me
1.12 The Document Speaks for Itself
1.13 I Remember
1.14 Leave All the Lights on
1.15 Good Things
1.16 Same Book But Never the Same Page
2.1 Black Crow
2.2 Guitar Vibes
2.3 Spiritual Uplifting
2.4 The Finale

A Day to Remember: Common Courtesy

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