Dc Project: Hands of Time

Dc Project: Hands of Time
Title: Hands of Time
Label: CD Baby

DC Project 'The Hands Of Time' This is the first ever recording of the original DC Project. Recorded in 1990 and released in 1991. Only a few copies were manufactured and sold. This CD has all new cover art and contains three bonus tracks previously unreleased. The three bonus tracks are, 'The First Day Break', 'First Breath Of Life' and 'The First Morning'. This CD is a musical journey from the beginning of time to the present. DC Project, Ted Derek Cochran first started writing music back in 1975, calling himself DC Project. Back in the late 70's the young DC would take his dads reel to reel and a cassette and play music along with himself to make it sound like a band. His dad was real cool about his favorite music being recorded over top of. Ted Derek Cochran was born November 11, 1961 at Parkersburg, WV USA. Growing up in a family of musicians, Derek was no stranger to music. He first started playing the bass in the family band and at the age of 13 he started taking piano lessons. He always had a problem with not wanting to read the music and played it mostly by ear. This kept his music teacher on the edge of her seat until one day she caught him playing a musical number she had never heard before. A musical number the young DC had composed himself. At the age of 15 Derek performed his own piece of music live in concert on a grand piano which the famous Liberarchie had once played in concert. The first DC Project album 'Hands Of Time' was recorded in 1990 in his parents living room on a 4 track Fostex recorder. Then in 1996 DC was working on a new album 'Easy Listening'. But tragic struck and he was involved in a bad truck accident. Some of the demo tapes and only recordings were lost. Depressed, he never finished the album. Then in 2003 he started recording new music and produced the CDs '2012, Light Years Away','Power Of The Sword', 'At The Speed Of Music', 'Beginning Of The End', 'New Frontier' and 'The Western'. He has written music from country, rock, blues and easy listening. He has also written music for Vanessa Maria's country album 'Pure Magic' and helped write 'I Will Always' a Hip Hop song by Big Rich The Don, a duet with, Vanessa Maria. So sit back, fasten your safety belt and enjoy the DC Project.

1.1 The Hands of Time
1.2 The First Day Break
1.3 City Streets
1.4 Cross Texas
1.5 A Rock Beat
1.6 Why Did
1.7 Dream of You
1.8 Day Dream
1.9 Ocean Song
1.10 Travel Through Space
1.11 First Breath of Life
1.12 The First Morning
1.13 The Hands of Time (Epilogue)

Dc Project: Hands of Time

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