De Beren Gieren

De Beren Gieren: One Mirrors Many

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: De Beren Gieren

Artist: De Beren Gieren
Title: One Mirrors Many
Product Type: VINYL LP

The release of One Mirrors Many on SDBAN ULTRA marks the first edition on vinyl of de Beren Gieren's outstanding latest album. The record came out to huge critical acclaim in 2015, but never made it to wax until the Ghent based imprint fell for it. de Beren Gieren is a trio of explorers and improvisers that debuted in 2011 and quickly made a name for themselves in the Belgian contemporary jazz scene. One Mirrors Many is their fifth album, and the first one in which the band experiments with incorporating electronic analog elements to their sound. Analog effects, tape loops and contact microphones are used and adapted to their instruments. During the live performance, the electronic gear is triggered live by the musicians to accompany de Beren Gieren's compositions and improvisations. This approach not only resulted in a great deal of excellent international reviews, it also established de Beren Gieren's reputation of the most adventurous and influential jazz act around. SDBAN Records started off as a sixties and seventies compilation and reissue label, with label boss Stefaan Vandenberghe's impressive personal vinyl collection at it's core. The very first release was a milestone right away. The acclaimed Funky Chicken: Belgian grooves from the '70s (SDBAN 001CD, SDBAN 002CD) compiled the best funk tracks from the Belgian Seventies, a genre and era overlooked by many. The label also released reissues and retrospective compilations from the likes of André Brasseur (SDBAN 004CD, SDBAN 004LP) and Koen de Bruyne (SDBAN 003CD, SDBAN 003LP). After two years of digging dusty crates, SDBAN broadens it's horizon and starts focusing on contemporary talent as well. SDBAN Ultra is the sister label focusing on today's lively jazz and funk scene, which is simply too exciting not to be explored.

1.1 Schaduwleven
1.2 Rebel Jazz to Rebel Against
1.3 Broensgebuzze 8
1.4 1
1.5 La Laisse Lointaine
1.6 2
2.1 De Zachte Jacht Op de) Volkswolf
2.2 Broensgebuzze 7
2.3 Muziek Weet Niks
2.4 3

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