Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue: Riding On The Tide Of Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deacon Blue

Title: Riding On The Tide Of Love
Label: Earmusic

Glasgow's mainstream hitmakers Deacon Blue have achieved major worldwide success since their formation in 1985 and have remained on that path of greatness ever since. Riding On The Tide Of Love is the companion album to their recent hit record City of Love. Recorded during the ongoing pandemic, Riding On The Tide Of Love presents a mix of newly written songs and previously unheard material from the City of Love writing sessions. Explains Ricky Ross: "We never expected to be here but here we are, Riding On The Tide Of Love. This is a continuation of City Of Love, a companion piece that we recorded piece by piece, going into the studio one by one to record our individual parts. But despite being apart it's brought us all together, and we hope it will bring you together too. It was made with love by us for you, to help with the ride. Until we see you again, with love from Deacon Blue."

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