Dead Bodies: Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House

Dead Bodies: Mr. Spookhouse&
Title: Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House
Label: Quite Scientific

Sounds like: The television theme song for a cartoon about zombie circus dance parties... on acid. The Dead Bodies remind US that there is a strong, often forgotten difference between the challenging and the esoteric. This distinction lies in the subtle detail and craftsmanship of records not often falling squarely below the genre placards of your local chain retailer. Make no mistakes... this is a "show all your friends" record. It is music that cannot be ignored. Regardless of what may have inspired it or how exactly it came together, it has an undeniable quality. It may be the fucked up culmination of kids with too much time on their hands, or too many substances in reach... but it's gorgeous, rich, and perhaps the most accessible record this year that can still make a claim on pure creativity and unquestioned originality.

1.1 Preface
1.2 Welcome to Town
1.3 Pink Muff Dance Party Vampire Resolve
1.4 Mr. Spookhouse Himself
1.5 Mr. Spookhouse's Final Drive
1.6 Voice from Above
1.7 11 Seconds to Live
1.8 In Heaven, We All Are
1.9 Transition: Spider Vision
1.10 Interlude
1.11 Dancing Has No Class
1.12 Breathing Snow Part Two
1.13 The Orphan Song
1.14 Tuesday's Juice
1.15 An Afternoon
1.16 The Container

Dead Bodies: Mr. Spookhouse's Pink House

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