Dead by Wednesday: Capital Conspiracy

Dead by Wedensday: Capital Conspiracy

Title: Capital Conspiracy
Label: Von Artists

Capital Conspiracy, the long awaited new album from Dead by Wednesday. Available on Mindsnap Music, distributed by Von Artists Ltd. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R.

DBW gained a fierce loyal following through relentless years of touring supporting such artists as Shadows Fall, Flotsam & Jetsam, ICP, Raven, P.O.D., Jasta/Hatebreed, to name a few. They've played both the Warped Tour and the Mayhem Festival, and they are in rotation on Sirius Liquid Metal radio, Music Choice, Havok TV, MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, The Music Network, Touch Tunes, & the video game Rock Band. DBW understands the business, is professional and easy to work with, and will always put on a highly energetic and entertaining live show. 

1.1 Invincible
1.2 Mars In Exile
1.3 Here Comes The Dead
1.4 The Wake
1.5 Darkened Times
1.6 Antahkarana
1.7 Sludge
1.8 S.O.S.
1.9 Wasteland
1.10 Pawns 2022

Dead by Wednesday: Capital Conspiracy

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