Dead Conspiracy

Dead Conspiracy: Abomination Underground

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Dead Conspiracy

Title: Abomination Underground
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Portland's death metal granddaddies Dead Conspiracy have hooked up with Terrorizer to unleash 'Dormancy' upon your unsuspecting eardrums, a killer cut from the forthcoming vinyl edition of of their comeback EP 'Abomination Underground'. The band are often credited as being one of the first bands to help define the nascent death metal sound, and their highly sought after '87 demo tape has gone on to achieve legendary status amongst the most avid of underground death fiends. Napalm Death axeman Mitch Harris has fond memories of the band, as he recalls, "Dead Conspiracy was one of the world's first death metal bands. We were seriously surprised at how heavy and driving and intricate the material was, well advanced back in the day; before it's time. Fucking glad it"s finally getting out there!" Dead Conspiracy called it a day in 1990, and would remain silent until 2006, when Hells Headbangers Records contacted the band with the intention of finally reissuing those early demos on one CD. The result was the 'Gore Drenched Legacy' compilation, a lavish set that brought the band's eerie, evil rumblings to a much wider audience. Spurred on by the new found attention, the band would eventually regroup in 2012 for a series of live shows and a new EP, the crushing 'Abomination Underground'. Now, that EP is being released on vinyl with a brand new bonus track 'Rites of the Ululatus', plus the band's debut demo tape in it's entirety on side B. 'Dormancy' originally hails from that cult tape, and it's a total rager, blasting forth with a feral intensity that will have fans of Master, Massacre and early Death foaming at the mouth within seconds. Check it out.

1.1 Rites of the Ululatus
1.2 Shadows of War
1.3 1971
1.4 Abomination Underground
1.5 Cessations
1.6 The Immortal Strife
1.7 Dormancy
1.8 Grotesque Disjunction
1.9 Stygian Darkness

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