The Dead End

The Dead End: Ghost of Romance: Remixed By Randy Burns

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Artist: The Dead End

Artist: The Dead End
Title: Ghost of Romance: Remixed By Randy Burns
Product Type: VINYL LP

DEAD END, a metal band with origins in the 80's, was one of the first Japanese bands to gain international exposure. Formed in 1984, the band released their debut album, Deadline in 1986. DEAD END received interest and attention by musicians and fans due to their technical ability and debut at an early age. Each member had exceptional musical skill and distinguishing character, featuring vocalist Motoyuki Otsuka (MORRIE), bassist Tadashi Masumoto (JOE), guitarist Takahiro and drummer Masaaki Tano.

1.1 Danse Macabre
1.2 The Damned Thing
1.3 Phantom Nation
1.4 The Godsend
2.1 The Red Moon Calls Insanity
2.2 Dead Man's Rock
2.3 Skeleton Circus
2.4 Son Of A Lunatic

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