Dead Turns Alive

Dead Turns Alive: Salvation & Despair

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Title: Salvation & Despair
Label: CD Baby

After 4 years of development, Dead Turns Alive offered their own style of intelligent-electro on their 2002 debut album CD 'Salvation and Despair - The First Four Years', combining American-style electro-grooves with modern melodic dark-electro in european manner and a touch of the popular 'future-pop' attitude. Dead Turns Alive's electronic sound sometimes is enhanced by electric guitars. Distorted vocals and smooth melody, aggressive sound-design and danceable-grooving rhythm: such obvious contrary elements are being perfectly melted in DTA's way of composing. Besides the clubhit 'Secret Borderline' known from the 'SONIC-Xperience'-compilation CD there are further tracks on this album suitable for the dark-electronic dancefloor, but also slow tracks full of atmosphere. If you compare the sound of Dead Turns Alive to exisiting bands, you will think on names like Numb, VNV Nation, Covenant, Skinny Puppy or Leætherstrip. The lyrics of Dead Turns Alive offer something new in the electro-scene: songwriter Michael is a strong believer in christian religion. So the lyrics deal with the typical topics like death, despair, social problems and religion, but these topics are handled from another point of view than usual. 'Salvation and Despair - The First Four Years' got lots of positive reviews since it's release, and the band found a row of real fans in the electro-scene as well as in the christian music scene. Dead Turns Alive are about to release a second album with an American label in 2008.

1.1 Demons Intention
1.2 Subliminal Slave
1.3 Hard to Swallow
1.4 Secret Borderline
1.5 Psalm 115
1.6 Influence
1.7 Satan on Earth
1.8 Radiant Hate
1.9 Rain
1.10 Geisterkrieg
1.11 Thrillseekers
1.12 Destiny
1.13 Thrillseekers (Full Gravity)

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