Deadbird: Deadbird / Burned Up Bled Dry

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Deadbird

Artist: Deadbird
Title: Deadbird / Burned Up Bled Dry
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

The rumored split with two Arkanas greats has finally arrived. All tracks recorded by Chuck Schaaf way back in 2006. Rumors of various labels releasing this came and went. Finally it was announced that At A Loss would release this seven inchway back in 2008. After numerous technical difficulties, busy I competing schedules it is finally available to you the public 2 years after it's first announcement. Hey I think this is officially the longest we have taken to releasea record ever!!! Way to go At A Loss! Dead bird contribute one track filled with all the tempo changes and somber regret filled lyrics one would expect. Fast screams lead to somber heavyness leads to hard core sing along anthems all together in a way few bands make work. Burned Up Bled Dry give us four tracks of pissed off fastcore I powerviolence I punkhardcore or whatever everyone calls it right now. Pissed offcheck, hate job - check, hopelessness - check, your anthem for anger. Full color cover which wraps all the way around the seven inch to unfold for an extended apocalyptic landscape layed out by Amjad Faur. Full color labels and and all copies of 7 inch on various shades of quality opaque colored vinyl.

1.1 Deadbird - Sickness and Conviction
1.2 Burned Up Bled Dry - Punches Thrown
1.3 Burned Up Bled Dry - My Way to Hate
1.4 Burned Up Bled Dry - the New Reality of Distance
1.5 Burned Up Bled Dry - Something's Missing

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