Deadbolt: Zulu Death Mask

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Artist: Deadbolt

Artist: Deadbolt
Title: Zulu Death Mask
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. For almost 30 years, Deadbolt has been a working, touring band. Their most iconic 90's studio records were never put on vinyl. Pig Baby has taken on the task of beautifully remastering their back catalog. 3rd up is their 1998 iconic record Zulu Death Mask featuring the underground legendary songs "Zulu Death Mask" and "Jimmy's Grave". It's also band member Harley A. Davidson and 3rd Degree's personal favorite. The record comes with liner notes written by Harley A Davidson himself and was remastered by wiz Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering (Hot Snakes, Black Lips, and Weezer).

1.1 15 Year Search
1.2 MacOmbos' Revenge
1.3 Jackals of Botswana
1.4 Watongo
1.5 Zulu Death Mask
1.6 She's Gone Gongwipdu
1.7 Swahili Bob
1.8 Jimmy's Grave
1.9 Burn, Lil Debby, Burn
1.10 Creepy and Weird
1.11 Return of Patches
1.12 Crime Scene
1.13 It's a Creepy World
1.14 October in Zimbabwe

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