Deadbubbles: Reclamation Forklift Provider

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Artist: Deadbubbles

Title: Reclamation Forklift Provider
Label: CD Baby

Arlo - Lead Vocals Paul - Guitars, Vocals Matt - Bass Dave - Drums deadbubbles has taken the stage in many forms, but it's a ROCK/ROLL machine with no signs of letting up! Since January 2006, deadbubbles has been on a mission to reclaim ROCK/ROLL music from the pretend-a-teen fashionistas of the world (wide web) and take her back to her more primal roots, feet firmly planted in the future! Future Now! No Hate, Just Power...ROCK/ROLL POWER! ----- Critical Acclaim for deadbubbles: 'deadbubbles are here to 'reclaim rock from the undeserving' with their self-identified 'psychedelic cock rock.' They've showed up just in time to save us from the current emo-ness of the airwaves. Their versatile, British retro-electronica sound make me think that if Beck were raised by The Who in the 80's, then did the Warped Tour, not in the 90's but in 1972, he'd reincarnate himself as deadbubbles. Arlo White, lead vocals, is the die-hard metal head, while Matt Martinez plays on influences of Danzig, The Clash, and Marvin Gaye, and with drummer Dave Rosset influenced heavily by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, you can see how many sounds there are in deadbubbles. Arlo grew up listening to Kiss, The Monkees, Sid & Marty Krofft, and mixing with his metal-mania brain, his childhood is apparent in his amusing, pleasurable lyrics. 'I typically write the lyrics; the music is more organic amongst Paul, Matt, and Dave,' White notes, 'We all have our own unique quirks and talents that we bring to the table.' White tells me they are going back into the studio this spring. The next album is completely written, and they've been performing some of the songs live for a while now. Deadbubbles are playing this month at 3 Kings Tavern, NOWhere Limited, and at Old Curtis Street Bar. 'We're always adding shows,' White says, 'We're constantly writing new music. We have tons of plans that include live recordings, music videos, new merch...we also have a deadbubbles tribute album in the works.' As far as the future goes, Matt Martinez replies, 'Maybe some designer footwear and an El Camino.' I'd drive that.' ~Judy Wolf, Colorado Music Buzz, March 2008 ----- 'reclamation forklift provider seems instead a greatest hits CD created after years of work, rather than a debut album. Yet in a way it is a compilation, seeing that Paul Humphrey, guitar and vocals, and Matt Martinez, bass, have been friends since high school. Deadbubbles' lead vocalist Arlo White and Humphrey had been playing a while already when Martinez joined his old friend, with drummer Dave Rosset ultimately coming on to wrap up the synchronicity. The group emanates the 'pure rock n' roll sexual energy' of bands like MC5, T-Rex, and post-psychedelic rock like The Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers, and Big Star, to name a few. Opening with bagpipes on 'reclamation: declaration,' mixing in a tribute to Trio's 'Da Da Da' [ed: huh?] inside 'man for you,' and moving on to electric guitar solos accompanied by whistling [ed: huh?] in the last track - aptly named 'fin' - deadbubbles' experimental-yet-retro sounds definitely bring out the 'T-Rex-ness' that we all know and love. Arlo White's bright lyrics, which if you are not careful about listening to, will catch you feeling really good. 'zoo kicker and i' harks back to Harry Nilsson's 'Me And My Arrow,' while in 'dream hard!,' Arlo speaks of letting your subconscious lead the way. Who knew 'cock rock' could kick so much heart-rending ass?' ~Judy Wolf, Colorado Music Buzz, March 2008 ----- 'With unhinged twanginess, unabashed spaciness and unapologetic snottiness, deadbubbles plays raunchy, raucous rock and roll that exists out of time. The Broomfield-based outfit's psychedelic rhythm-and-blues-a-billy seethes, surges and snarls as it spans the rock decades, comprising the rhythmic romp of the Crickets, the sassy swagger of the Yardbirds and the lysergic liturgies of Syd Barrett. Arlo White's nasal taunts rile the restless rhythm section of bassist Matt Martinez and drummer Dave Rosset, while jittery guitarist Paul Humphrey eggs them all on with barre-chord bravado. The melee can get a little messy at times, but there's no denying the inexorable intensity of the quartet's zeal. There's nothing esoteric or remotely subtle about the group's devil-may-come barn-burners, but the metamorphic, rowdy rock of deadbubbles (due at Old Curtis Street this Saturday, January 26) rolls recklessly and gathers no moss.' ~Eric Eyl, 'Critic's Choice,' Denver Westword, January 24, 2008 ----- 'There's a giant cock on the cover of the Deadbubbles' debut album. It's a large, disgruntled rooster, and it symbolizes their self-designated style of music: psychedelic cock rock. With band members from Broomfield, Longmont and Boulder, the Deadbubbles seem determined to fit the entire Front Range onto this CD. Reclamation Forklift Provider is an interesting and ballsy attempt to combine Pink Floyd's The Wall with Pretty Boy Floyd's Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz. They come down heavy on the psychedelic and light on the cock, but they definitely rock on songs like the swampy 'Middleman' and the eerie 'Reclamation: Declaration.' This CD is cool because it's kind of like Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow in that it teaches you how to understand it as it progresses. I wouldn't call Reclamation Forklift Provider a concept album, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one of those from Deadbubbles soon enough.' ~Dale Bridges, 'The Short List,' The Boulder Weekly, July 2007.

1.1 Reclamation: Anthem
1.2 Payout
1.3 Building Bridges
1.4 Zoo Kicker and I
1.5 Without Warning
1.6 Darklouds
1.7 Man for You
1.8 Moonwolf
1.9 Unikornz
1.10 Eeel
1.11 Dream Hard!
1.12 Random Movements
1.13 Middleman
1.14 Soldier of Misfortune
1.15 Reclamation: Declaration
1.16 Know What I Know
1.17 I'll Be Near
1.18 Reclamation: March
1.19 Fin

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