Deadstar Assembly

Deadstar Assembly: Deadstar Assembly

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Deadstar Assembly
Title: Deadstar Assembly

A cyber punk electro rock genre bending juggernaut... a troupe of musical avant-gardes who float like demented seraphim and deliver a sinister sound that burns. Sonic salvation that is metallic dissonance, early '80s synth-pop, crushing percussive rhythm, and trance-progressive techno bombast.

1.1 Blurred and Muted
1.2 Undone
1.3 Just Like You
1.4 Normal
1.5 Send Me An Angel
1.6 Breathe for Me
1.7 Comes to Tongue
1.8 Your Fiend
1.9 Therapy Scares Me
1.10 How to Destory An Angel
1.11 A Deep Breath
1.12 Where the Beauty Ends
1.13 Precious Nothing

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