Deadwood Blues: In the Heartland

Deadwood: In the Heartland
Title: In the Heartland
Label: CD Baby

Play the Deadwood BLUES Clues Game! See how many song titles from the Deadwood CD you can find in the paragraph below. Oh yeah, the title of the CD is in there, too. Ready? High and not so dry in the heartland of northeast Missouri stands Deadwood, the band that dares to ask, 'Who's too white to play the blues?' We've been playin' em for years in barns and in bars, at barbeques and bar mitzvah's, for bikers and for bankers, so somebody tell us: what does it take? I mean, do we get to go ahead on with it, or has this damn world gone crazy? We got guitars, we founded our groove, now we're fixin' to rock it 'till they lock it -- that's all. Answer key. CD title: in the heartland song titles: heartland too white what does it take? world gone crazy that's all So how much of a DEADWOODHEAD are you? To find out, compare the number of items you correctly identified with the chart below. All 6: Our blues is your business. 5: I swear I seen you a time or two down at the Round Barn. 4: If you can do heavy lifting, you're hired. 3. How's your hogs doin this year? 2. Was that a runaway train flattened your trailer or just another tornado? 1. Welcome to the state of Missouri.

1.1 What Does It Take?
1.2 Too White
1.3 That's All
1.4 World Gone Crazy
1.5 The Thrill Is Gone
1.6 Heartland
1.7 E-Male
1.8 Sixteen Tons

Deadwood Blues: In the Heartland

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