Deaf Wish

Deaf Wish: Pain

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Artist: Deaf Wish

Artist: Deaf Wish
Title: Pain
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. When Deaf Wish found themselves in a room together for the very first time, they agreed on a guiding philosophy: "Let's not make anything that's going to last. If we're together for just two shows, then that's what it is." They've deviated some. Over the course of eight years, the Melbourne foursome have instead amassed one of rock's most exhilarating bodies of work, a concise run of wooly seven-inches and white-knuckle LPs whose legendary live translation has been most accurately described as "unhinged." All this despite their being scattered across multiple continents, with no way of getting to know one another outside of intermittent touring. 2015 marks the arrival of Pain, the first they've written since coming together again semi-permanently in Melbourne, and their appropriately titled first full-length for Sub Pop. It is a miraculously dissonant, wonderfully immediate display of Deaf Wish at their mightiest, alive with the same wild chemistry and sense of possibility that made their first recordings so vital.

1.1 The Whip
1.2 Newness Again
1.3 They Know
1.4 Sunset's Fool
1.5 Eyes Closed
1.6 Pain
1.7 Sex Witch
1.8 on
1.9 Dead Air
1.10 Calypso

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