Dean Evenson

Dean Evenson: Healing Waters

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Artist: Dean Evenson

Artist: Dean Evenson
Title: Healing Waters

Simply said, Healing Waters is highly effective and simply beautiful. Healing Waters, the second albums in the Sound Healing Series by Dean Evenson, is an exquisitley crafted and spiritually uplifting expression of artistc mastery. The alum features collaborations with acoustic guitar wizard Scott Huckabay, harpists Dudley Evenson and d'Rachael, and introduces Chinese guqin master LI Xiangting.

1.1 Floating to Forever
1.2 Spirit of Water
1.3 Waves of Fulfilling
1.4 Washed with Love
1.5 Buddha's Dream
1.6 Stream of Blessing
1.7 Waterfalling for You
1.8 River of Dreams
1.9 Ripples in the Wind
1.10 Swirling Beyond Belief
1.11 Water You Talking About
1.12 Where Have All the Salmon Gone

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