Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Martyr

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dear Diary

Title: Martyr
Label: CD Baby

Dear Diary is the name given to my acoustic project that I began in 1999. I write and record all my own music. It is for me a way of cataloguing my life through songs. Whereas many people maintain diaries or journals, I've tended to use my music as way of journaling the comings and goings in my life. Hans Christian Andersen has stated that 'where words fail, music speaks.' I couldn't agree more...

1.1 The Waiting Room
1.2 Ghost
1.3 Giving Up
1.4 Vacant
1.5 Icarus Burning
1.6 The Saddest Song
1.7 Alone at Sea
1.8 Martyr
1.9 Franklin Street (Tonight)

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