Dear John: Letters Never Sent

Dear John: Letters Never Sent
Title: Letters Never Sent
Label: CD Baby

The beaches and valleys of Los Angeles are the homes of Dear John. From these varied surroundings,Dear John is on a perrenial quest to create the music that defines them.In earlier times,John, Mark, and Fred were a three-man power trio, and for years, filled the clubs and parties of Los Angeles with their hard driving music.Enter Amanda. With a Red-Hot voice, awesome timing, and not too shabby on the guitar, the music evolved into a blend of rock, jazz, and the blues. This style is reflected in the bands new CD, 'Letters Never Sent'. As you listen to the album's ten tracks, one can still detect a bit of the boy's roots in the song, 'Summer and Pain'. On the opposite end of the spectrum,'Feeling Blue' is almost jazz...but isn't.Amanda tells the story of a womans love unreturned. The reggae beat in 'My Close Enough' depicts the all too common story of a good woman searching for Mr. Right, but having to settle for good enough. 'Relax' us unmistakably the CD's most energetic song. The track is pure rock and blues that gets your foot tapping from the start. Kind of a talk-singing-scat melody that just makes you feel good with a healthy dose of shredding guitar at the end. The rest of the CD's songs are all unique in their own way. Unlike many albums being released today, no two songs on it sound alike. All songs contained in 'Letters Never Sent' are original except for their version of Gershwin's, 'Summertime' The band had so much fun playing it,they just had to do it. Dear John is now working on their next project, hopefully to be released later this year. As to be expected from them, their music is constantly evolving. Look for it when it comes out.

1.1 Summer and Pain
1.2 Lord What Have I Done
1.3 My Close Enough
1.4 Feeling Blue
1.5 Relax
1.6 Love. Com
1.7 The Joke
1.8 I Don't Know Why
1.9 Secrets and Lies
1.10 Summertime

Dear John: Letters Never Sent

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