Death Cab for Cutie: The Photo Album

Death Cab for Cutie: The Photo Album
Title: The Photo Album
Label: Barsuk
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Photo Album is the third studio album by Death Cab for Cutie, originally released October 9, 2001 on Barsuk Records. The albums spawned three singles: "A Movie Script Ending", "I Was a Kaleidoscope", and "We Laugh Indoors". All of the singles charted on the UK Singles Chart, with the highest-charting song "I Was a Kaleidoscope" peaking at number 115. The Photo Album was the first Death Cab for Cutie album to feature charting songs, with "A Movie Script Ending" also becoming the first of three songs by the band to eventually feature on the television show The O.C.. It was the only full-length album to feature drummer Michael Schorr.

1.1 Steadier Footing
1.2 Movie Script Ending
1.3 We Laugh Indoors
1.4 Information Travels Faster
1.5 Why You'd Want to Live Here
1.6 Blacking Out the Friction
1.7 I Was a Kaleidoscope
1.8 Styrofoam Plates
1.9 Coney Island 1
1.10 Debate Exposes Doubt

Death Cab for Cutie: The Photo Album

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