Death of an Era

Death of an Era: Black Bagged

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Artist: Death of an Era

Artist: Death of an Era
Title: Black Bagged

Death of An Era is bringing a refined sound to the death metal world by delivering a blend of unique technical guitar work with a pile driving hardcore barrage. All in under a year, the band self-released an international selling record, was featured in Alternative Press' AP&R, self-released a music video, and connected with crowds of hundreds of dedicated fans in a multitude of states.

1.1 The Warning
1.2 We the People
1.3 Big Brother
1.4 The Global Movement
1.5 False Idols
1.6 Reflection
1.7 Home
1.8 Tyrannicide
1.9 Commoner
1.10 Illusionist, Pt. 2
1.11 Prescription Poison
1.12 Inanimate Earth
1.13 Better Off

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