Deathmask: Sitting in the Dark

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Artist: Deathmask

Artist: Deathmask
Title: Sitting in the Dark

"Sitting in the Dark", recorded a mere 25 years after their debut release of "Split the Atom" in 1986, marks the return of New York metal outfit Deathmask. Containing 9 new tracks and a faithful cover of Black Sabbath's "Symptoms of the Universe", "Sitting in the Dark" delivers a powerful punch, combining classic British metal influences with the power and intensity of good old US metal. Unaffected and uninfluenced by the many sub-genres of metal music prevalent today, Deathmask instead delivers music from the gut, resulting in a trademark sound and style that harkens back to the formative days of Heavy Metal, but yet is all their own. From the thundering opener "Time of the Signs" right through to the final intense moments of closing track "Season of Hatred", "Sitting in the Dark" takes the listener on a satisfying trip down the road that made you a metal fan in the first place....This is PURE METAL.

1.1 Time of the Signs
1.2 It's in You
1.3 Sitting in the Dark
1.4 More
1.5 Contrary Mary
1.6 Driving Blind
1.7 Real Pain
1.8 Corruption
1.9 Symptom of the Universe
1.10 Season of Hatred

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