Deb Capece

Deb Capece: God Who Sees Me

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Artist: Deb Capece

Artist: Deb Capece
Title: God Who Sees Me

A long overdue music collection by a woman songwriter, about women, for women of faith everywhere! (The men like it too!!) The central message is His love and recognition of her from women like Hagar, of old, and into the present. Every song will take you further on a journey of women in the church, along with some beautiful Psalm songs and a few ancient hymns put to new music. Brett Kull, with credits of over fifteen cds to his name, enhances the music with his dynamic guitar and bass playing. Deb Capece has been writing for well over fifteen years in various genres including music for the church-praise, choral, experiential songs (that come from of her own life), musicals, love songs and instrumental concert music. She is a published composer and has taught music privately for many years. Ms. Capece majored in music and graduated summa cum laude from Kutztown University's music program and has appeared in various venues singing everything from CCM to show tunes and jazz. The God Who Sees Me is her third CD and begins with the theme song of the album, Hagar's Cry, which has an eclectic Morocan flavor, focusing on the plight of women who have been left alone, 'Her bed, it has one pillow, her cat it takes his place . . . ' Definitely not mainstream. The album also includes the well known Prayer of St. Francis, put to a new tune. Cantus is a hauntingly beautiful Celtic piece that is a medley of songs/poems from the middle ages with beautiful harmonies and piano and string arrangements. Her experiential pieces on the CD describe her sense of God's presence and inclusion of her in his plan for his church and world. In Abba, Father she sees him as a child sees his daddy, a loving father who loves her 'where she is,' regardless of what is transpiring in her life. He delights himself in drawing her close to him and reminding her who she is in Christ. In the song Whole Again she resonates with Lazarus, as Jesus calls him from his tomb, and promises her new life, too, loving her 'like a son.' Her psalm songs are beautiful renditions of the beloved Psalms, 121, 27 and 23. Mary is an upbeat piece that centers on our Lord's mother and her attributes. The collection ends with a wonderful love song to her husband and finally The Mist, which brings the songs full circle, as she ends the piece in a chant like section naming women throughout history to the present who have made a difference in the world. This is a very moving song that you will want to hear over and over again, worth the price of the entire album. This is not your typical P&W or cover song album. These are original, rich melodies and poignant lyrics that will leave you thinking and touched by their depth. If you've ever been disappointed by CCM, try again and be pleasantly surprised and uplifted by Deb's new release, The God Who Sees Me.

1.1 Hagar's Cry
1.2 He Watches
1.3 Whole Again
1.4 ABBA, Father
1.5 Cantus
1.6 Mary
1.7 Set the Children Free
1.8 Prayer of St. Francis
1.9 All the Days
1.10 In His House
1.11 I'll Be Loving You
1.12 The Mist

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