Deb Webber

Deb Webber: Meditation Session (Anger)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deb Webber

Artist: Deb Webber
Title: Meditation Session (Anger)

This is a fantastic personal guided meditation that you can to use to release any feeling of anger or hatred that you may be experiencing. It is difficult to completely remove any emotion, including anger, but what you can do is remove the intensity and find better ways of dealing with it. 'Anger' is spoken, designed and personally used by Deb Webber, Australia's most well known Metaphysical researcher and celebrity. It contains practical techniques to guide yourself into meditation, connect with your deeper self and then release the emotions and vibration that cause anger. This CD or MP3 is easy to use, simply play it every day or when you feel particularly angry for an immediate result. It will help you develop a brand new attitude to fight anger and always remain loving and compassionate to the people that matter in your life. Anger is an extremely strong negative emotion that can manifest so many other emotional, mental and even physical issues in ones self. It can eat away at the core of your existence and essentially stop you from achieving our full potential. By using this album on a regular basis, you will soon find that the things that used to make you anger simply do not really matter that much anymore as you find more positive ways of dealing with situations that used to make you frustrated and angry. Deb has been using this same meditation for her own issues for more then 15 years. She has also personally assisted hundreds of other clients with this same spoken meditation script that is contained on this CD to help them overcome their anger issues too. Now you can use this program wherever and whenever you like to gain the benefits of becoming more composed, level headed and able to move beyond the negative energies in your life. Anger problems are just too prevalent in today's fast paced and hectic world but there is an alternative if you make the choice! The spoken meditation on this album is soothing and relaxing yet at the same time direct and to the point. This is an important aspect of why this recording has been successful to help people permanently remove anger from their emotions. It delves straight to the core of the problem within your deeper mind and allows you to find your own way of destroying the negativity and then replace it with positivity. This means that the power is left in your hands and you can literally change your pre learned patterns and decision processes to reflect a more positive and composed outcome. This guided meditation CD or MP3 is particularly useful for people who: * Become angry but just don't why they did after they calm down and think about it * Are pushing away the people in your life that matter * Lack composure in stressful or testing situations * Lack self control because anger takes a complete grip over emotions and thoughts * Are intimidated by a negative energy or presence that is weighing you down As the old saying goes. 'Anger is A Gift'. This is only true if you can reach a point where you take the power of your anger and transform it into a positive outcome instead. Don't let anger rule your life, break free and discover the true composed and relaxed person that you really are inside. Just make the choice to say: NO - I don't want to be angry with the world - it is time for me to change. The first step is the hardest but the most important and therefter it does become easy to move beyond.

1.1 Meditation Session (Anger) - Deb Webber

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