Deborah Alfaro

Deborah Alfaro: Deborah Alfaro

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deborah Alfaro

Title: Deborah Alfaro
Label: CD Baby

Deborah Alfaro has the vintage appeal of a very fine wine. Complex and of the world, she brings a unique vibe and a smooth sexy sound as she wraps the listener in her world. Born in and influenced by the Seattle and West Coast scene, she continued to evolve, studying both piano and vocal music and honing her craft in Northern Europe. She has studied privately with Berklee College of Music professors such as Pat Pattison, Leanne Summers and producer/songwriter, Robin Frederick. She speaks fluent Norwegian and Spanish and uses both of these dynamic and varied cultures to season her own unique style. As a singer and songwriter, she reflects the vocal sirens of the 30's and 40's, but is entirely a contemporary and powerful musical presence. She is a world apart. Come listen in...

1.1 Lovin' Arms
1.2 Dance
1.3 Silence

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