Deborah Berg-McCarthy

Deborah Berg-McCarthy: Places Where I Dream

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Artist: Deborah Berg-McCarthy
Title: Places Where I Dream

Deborah Berg has been singing and performing in New York City for 24 years. She and her partner Julian Marshall moved to New York in 1983 to complete their second Eye to Eye album under the Warner Brothers label with producer, Gary Katz. WB Corporate headquarters shelved the Eye to Eye deal but Deborah liked East Coast urban life and stayed to form and join other musical ventures, among them The Blister Sisters, Deborah Berg and the Furies, Longhouse, Deborah Berg McCarthy, Eye to Eye (again in 2006) and most recently, Dusty, a three part harmony vocal group with Sherryl Marshall and Lesley Miller. Deborah's music is personal and earthy. A writer, guitar player and vocalist, she comes fully loaded. Her music and lyrics touch on the poetry and depth of every day life. Whether playing solo or with her talented band, she is honored to share her music with you.

1.1 Wild
1.2 High Vibe Ride
1.3 Remember
1.4 Danger in the Garden
1.5 Places Where I Dream
1.6 About Bridget
1.7 Dakota Sweat
1.8 Sally
1.9 Glacier ; Blue
1.10 Lessons to Learn
1.11 Misty

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